Code of Conduct


of the Members of

Fespa Bulgaria

Fespa Bulgaria realizes its role in the development of the industry for screen and digital printing and seeks to contribute to the development of market relations in the country and the prestige of Bulgarian printing industry worldwide.

Fespa Bulgaria adopts this Code of Conduct, which regulates the behavior and the interaction between members of the Association in carrying out their business – both among themselves and in their relationships with third parties.

The Code of Conduct is a system of rules that each member of Fespa Bulgaria voluntarily agrees to comply with in doing its business. Its provisions are formulated on the basis of the fundamental principles of morality and ethical behavior in business and contemporary society and they are focused on relationships in the field of screen and digital printing industry, supplies for the printing industry and related business activities.



Art. 1. This Code of Conduct establishes standards and rules of professional ethics in business behavior of any member of Fespa Bulgaria.

Art. 2. All members of the Association must comply with the Code of Conduct.

Art. 3. The operation of this Code of Conduct strengthens the authority of Fespa Bulgaria as non-profit organization whose purpose is to support the development of Bulgarian printers – its members.

Art. 4. All members of Fespa Bulgaria are independent and autonomous association who share common business conduct standards and common values ​​such as quality, professionalism, integrity, fair play, initiative, innovation, loyalty, responsibility towards customers and mutual respect.




Art. 5. The relations between the members of the Association are based on principles of mutual trust, tolerance and ethics.

Art. 6. The members of Fespa Bulgaria agree to deal honestly and ethically with other members of the Association and with its employees and not violate their rights.

Art. 7. The members of Fespa Bulgaria agree:

  1. to manage their business in a professional manner in order to satisfy the interests of its clients in the best possible way;
  2. to maintain high standards of performance to meet customer requirements regarding the quality and safety of their products;
  3. to comply with ethics and morality of the honorable employer and the rules for fair and proper market behavior in accordance with the modern European and world standards;
  4. to assist in promoting a favorable business environment for the development activities of all the members of the Association;
  5. to comply all related to their business national and European regulations in carrying out their business in the field of printing, and to contribute for the reducement of the share of informal economy in the country.
  6. to apply technologies and manufacturing processes that do not harm the environment and ensure healthy and safe working environment to its employees;
  7. to offer services to its customers at fair and competitive prices, and are in the interest of sustainable business relations;
  8. to share with other members of the Association their professional experience, ideas, innovations, technologies, methods and more. information in the printing industry at every opportunity, if they do not interfere with their normal operation and is not related to disclosure of professional or business secrets;
  9. in all their interrelations with customers, other members of Fespa Bulgaria and with other partners, to act honestly, fairly and reasonably, fulfilling their contractual obligations clearly and accurately;
  10. to employ people with appropriate skills, to provide them fair remuneration and to engage them in continuous training, advanced qualification and development, providing equal opportunities to all their employees;
  11. to exchange with the Association and other members accurate information on its development, the movement of personnel and information about incorrect partners and customers.
  12. once a year to provide their annual financial statements to Fespa Bulgaria and on the request of the Association.

Art. 8. Based on principles of mutual aid and solidarity, members of Fespa Bulgaria agree when possible to assist other members of the Association to solve problems.

Art. 9. The members of Fespa Bulgaria should not:

1. engage in acts and practices that could impair the reputation of Fespa Bulgaria or are in conflict with the purposes of the Association or could harm the screen and digital printing industry;

2. perform any acts aimed to deliberately harm their clients and not perform unfair competition against other members of the Association or against third parties. The definitions of unfair competition, prohibited trade practices, abuse of monopoly or dominant position, concealed cartel, etc. are according to provisions of the Bulgarian Law on Protection of Competition and European directives and are published on the website of the Association;

3. perform acts that discriminate their clients or employees based on race, national origin, sex, religion, age, health status or sexual orientation;

4. print, produce or distribute materials, the main purpose of which is to encourage discrimination based on age, race, gender or sexual orientation;

5. disclose confidential information which they have obtained in their business. The members of Fespa Bulgaria must not abuse any personal information about their customers and must use it only for the purposes for which it was intended and for which the customer has consented, unless a member of the Association is obliged to disclose this information by law or by decision of a judicial authority.

Art. 10. The members of Fespa Bulgaria agree to comply with contracts, agreements and other commitments and to avoid undertaking of unrealistic commitments, which is clear that can not be fulfilled with the quality needed and in a due time.

Art. 11. The members of Fespa Bulgaria accept to participate (they and their employees) in the continuing process of acquiring new knowledge and skills and thus to maintain a good professional level and continuous contact with the modern technologies and approaches in the field of screen and digital printing.

Art. 12. The members of Fespa Bulgaria agree to promote the adoption of the principles of this Code of Conduct in the business organization, in the printing industry and the society.

Art. 13. The members of Fespa Bulgaria agree to disseminate the ideas of the Association and this Code of Conduct at any available opportunity. They should show their certificate of membership in Fespa Bulgaria and Code of Conduct prominently in publicly accessible premises to their customers in a way that ensures that they can be read.

Art. 14. The members of the Association should have written procedures for handling complaints/claims from their customers, which should be on disposal to their customers upon request. When a member of Fespa Bulgaria receives a complaint from a client concerning his services, he must immediately take appropriate actions to resolve the complaint of the customer. If the complaint is not resolved in a satisfactory manner for the complainant, the member of Fespa Bulgaria should inform him that the customer is entitled to refer the complaint to the Court of Arbitration at Fespa Bulgaria.

Art. 15. Any violation of this Code of Conduct by a member of Fespa Bulgaria may lead to penalties, including its exclusion from the Association.

This Code of Conduct was adopted at a meeting of the Managing Board of Fespa Bulgaria held on June 10, 2011.


1. Chairman

On behalf of “GRAPHICA MC“ ltd.:

Anka Bimbalova

2. Deputy Chairman

On behalf of ATIA PRINT Ltd.:

Nayden Naydenov

3. Secretary of the Association

On behalf of POLYGRAPHY INFO  Ltd.:

Dessy Todorova