Mission and goals

Fespa Bulgaria is a voluntary, non-governmental, independent association of manufacturers of digital, textile and other forms of print, as well as suppliers and manufacturers of equipment, technologies and consumables for this type of print and other related activities:

  • to support the business of its members by providing assistance and support for their profitability and competitiveness;
  • to work to improve the business climate on the basis of European practices and values;
  • to work to remove bureaucratic and administrative barriers to the business of its members and to promote good practices in the printing business;
  • to support, represent and defend the interests of its members legally;
  • to contribute to cohesion among members on the basis of their common interests, values ​​and codes of conduct, and the association has established itself as a forum for the mutual exchange of ideas and information;
  • to cooperate with Bulgarian and international organizations in the sector who share the ideas and values ​​of the association;
  • to popularize and expand the range of different printing methods;
  • to support the professional training and qualification of the printing industry specialists;
  • to monitor effective market competition between members and to monitor monopoly prevention;
  • through its international activity, to provide its members with access to the global community of printers and suppliers by providing them with better information and support for their activities on Bulgarian and foreign markets;