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What is FESPA Bulgaria and why is it useful to join us?

  • By joining FESPA Bulgaria, you will be able to expand your network of professional contacts. Only so can your ideas find a successful realization, combined with access to invaluable know-how obtained during events and trips, with the participation of professionals from all spheres of the economy.
  • Being part of our family of over 15,000 companies worldwide, you can use the FESPA logo as your business card for potential customers.
  1. Exclusive access to the VIP zones of all Fespa exhibitions around the world;
  2. Expert content in the field of digital and screen printing, systemized in an online portal;
  3. A minimum of 20% discount on the prices for the annual Fespa Awards and Gala Dinner;
  4. A copy of FESPA Print Census – the largest research project in the field of large-format printing;
  5. Access to technical guides on various topics related to the industry, as well as environmental guidebooks during production;
  6. Opportunity for professional contacts during all Fespa events around the world;
  7. Support and assistance from the local association.

To whom is Fespa Bulgaria useful?

For every graphic and print industry company that wants to develop, produce and succeed, Fespa Bulgaria can provide an effective channel for learning and finding new niche markets. Members of the association can be, as well as printers with different technological capabilities, as well as suppliers or other companies in the field of graphic design and visualization.

What does Fespa Bulgaria offer to its members?

First of all, important information about the technological and economic trends in the industry. Through Fespa Bulgaria you will have access to up-to-date training and seminars related to business management, new technologies and professional competence. The association aims to establish contacts between education institutions in serigraphy and the industry, and to set common business rules for its members. Fespa Bulgaria also provides free information on topical issues from the printing world through news on its website. Through the international FESPA organization, valuable international contacts can be established to benefit members of the Bulgarian Association.

Tasks of Fespa Bulgaria

Fespa Bulgaria wants to meet the challenges of the transformation in the graphic sector and the blurring of the boundaries between different types of print technology. The most common problem among the companies in the branch is the low profitability, which leads to the inability to adequately develop the business. Therefore, FESPA Bulgaria’s task is to improve the profitability and competitiveness of the sector through a system of international contacts and proven working practices.

Join Fespa Bulgaria if you want to be among the successful companies in the industry!“

Before you apply for membership, please read the membership requirements.

1. Please read the articles of Fespa Bulgaria here.

2. Get to know the most frequently asked questions here.

3. Fill in the membership application here.

According to our statutes, new members are admitted to the General Assembly after a short presentation of the candidate and voting on the nomination. General meetings are held twice a year.

Please, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us:

Desislava Todorova
Secretary of Fespa Bulgaria
Tel.: +359 87 8100 149