The Bulgarian Association of contemporary graphic and print is now Fespa Bulgaria

The Bulgarian Association was created in 2011 and joined the global community of Fespa as an associated member.
In 2013 it became a fully entitled member, with the right to vote and as of the beginning of October 2018, it now has the right to hold the title of Fespa Bulgaria.

The global community of print manufacturers, Fespa, is best known as the organizer of the largest expositions of screen, digital, wide-format and textile printing. It is a multinational organization with representatives from 37 countries all over the world. Aside from that, it is also the biggest organization in the world of print, which reinvests its’ profits directly into the industry. Fespa finances events, training workshops, technical demonstrations and programs which develop the range of the advertising manufacturers.

The new name was accepted during the annual Fespa General Assembly, which took place in Bulgaria for the first time.
Each year a vote is carried out during the meeting regarding the annual strategy of development, the annual, events and expositions which will happen in the coming year.
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Fespa Bulgaria is a voluntary, non-government, independent association of manufacturers of digital, textile & other prints, and suppliers of technologies and consumer goods for this industry.
For the last seven years the association has organized seminars about screen print, color management, digital technologies and demonstrations of the newest products and services in the printing field. Additionally the association carries out training programs for young talents in the same field and increases the popularity of print amongst designers, artists, architects, etc. Fespa Bulgaria creates contacts between Bulgaria and foreign advertising manufacturers with the aim to help further the development of their businesses.

Benefits of membership in Fespa Bulgaria:

  • Business contacts between members
  • VIP access to all multinational Fespa expositions in Europe, Africa, Asia, Latin America
  • Networking opportunities with other advertising manufacturers and business contact with them
  • Preferential conditions in the participation in Fespa Awards, which annually distributes a prize for the best products in print
  • A copy of the global annual survey Fespa Print Census, which gives valuable information about the developmental tendencies in print
  • Access to technical printing guidebooks
  • Special useful index on the site of Fespa, related to print

If you would like to become a member of Fespa Bulgaria, you can view the conditions here.